Reachout To Africa a Canadian Registered Charity (Reg # 840045074RR0001) is about making visible and significant changes in the lives of children, youth and young adults in the Mpamalanga Province of South Africa and beyond. Every child is important and deserves the love and support of a caring adult. 

We work with dedicated staff and leaders to effect that principal in the schools and areas where we are located. Many thousands of children and youth have been touched by our organization over the past 15 years. We have some of our children come through our program, gone on to become valuable leaders in our system and then onto to college or university or started their own businesses.

Early in 2017, we together with our partner organization Mamkhulu.org purchased a guest house and camp ground for the future development of our joint programs. You can see more about Ekukhanyeni (The place of Light)   


 Mamkhulu.org a South Africa Registered Non Profit, is a volunteer run Christian charity, founded by a group of dedicated professional women from around the world, looking to assist the growing number of vulnerable children and youth, and the women who look after them in southern Africa. Mamkhulu.org was created to assist children and youth with basic needs on an on-going basis and to provide counseling, access to health care facilities through advocacy and transport, as well as life skills training, assistance with homework, English classes, teenage pregnancy counseling, grief counseling and skills training for employment. 

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Reachout To Africa Leadership

Board Members

Judy Rothwell - Chair. 

Judy has been involved with Reachout To Africa since its creation in 2005. She has a passion for helping vulnerable children and youth in Africa and has traveled to our program in Mpumalanga many times. She is also on the board of our partner organization Mamkhulu.org in South Africa. 

Judy can be reached at judyrothwell@shaw.ca

Dan Mitchell - Board member

Dan a registered councilor has been involved with Reachout To Africa since 2005 when he first visited our program in Mpumalanga, South Africa. Since then he and his family have traveled and worked in South Africa on a number of occasions.  

Dan can be reached at dan.mitchell1@icloud.com



Team Members

Team Leaders

Nicholas Short - CEO and Founder. Back in 2005 Nick founded Reachout To Africa after personally experiencing the impact that HIV AIDS was having on the children and youth of South Africa. He returned to Canada convinced that there was something that could be done to help offset the devastation this deadly disease was having on the social and educational lives of young people living in the epicenter of this pandemic. Nick registered a non-profit which was later converted into a registered charity. Since its beginning Reachout To Africa has facilitated several hundred volunteers going to work in South Africa. In addition, Reachout To Africa has sent substantial funding to partner organizations in Africa.  

Nick can be reached at nick.short@reachout2africa.org     


Covid 19 Appeal Results


Covid 19 Appeal


It is with grateful appreciation that we highlight the results of our recent Covid 19 appeal. A generous donor offer a matching donation of up to $2200. We managed to exceed that amount within 48 hours by a substantial 279%. 

Thank you to all our donors and supporters.  

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